Candle and miniature pumpkins

Fall is one of my favorite seasons. It brings to mind cooler temperatures, comfort food, and gatherings spent watching football games. While Hawaii is not necessarily known for its fall weather, there are ways to amp up the subtle cues that we have.

I have switched out all of my beachy, warm-weather soaps and candles with fall scents and plan to continue the trend around the home. The trick to getting the most out of your time and money with fall décor is to think of the season of fall, which lasts from September through mid-December, rather than singling out a holiday, like Halloween. (Although, if you are like me, you will probably splurge for a few Halloween-only pieces of décor while you are at it.) If you are falling for fall like I am, consider some of these easy ways to deck out your home for the season:

Make a centerpiece.


Place squash, small pumpkins and moss atop a cake stand and cover with a glass cover.

Get corny.

Place your candles (whether flame or battery-powered) in glass containers, nestled in popcorn kernels. If insects aren’t a problem at your house, you can substitute candy corn. You can also use colored stones from the craft store in fall hues like deep reds, oranges and browns.

Deck out a fall wreath.

Start with a foam wreath form, available at craft stores. Then, add dried sheaths of golden wheat, maple leaves or other fall touches. You can also add bows of burlap or other fall color ribbon.

Take advantage of your groceries.


Not all décor has to be for decoration purposes only. For me, the fall season brings cravings for produce that fit the season. Put the produce front and center in a wooden bowl to add to your décor. You can also use large clear vases. Think apples, butternut squash, acorn squash, plums, pears and the like.

Drink up.

Save empty wine bottles, especially those in fall color hues like browns, dark greens and yellows. Remove the labels by soaking them in hot, soapy water overnight and scrubbing them clean in the morning. Then, fill them with harvest wheat and bittersweet berry stems. You can find these at the craft store.

Add pumpkins.

Place pumpkins in varying sizes around your entry and scattered throughout your home. Go for a mix of orange, white, gray and green. The trick to making pumpkins last is to avoid carving them. Make them your own by painting or adding fabric instead.


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