SolarTech Industries and 7 Star Electric (License No. C-30135) is known around the island for its maintenance and repair services. Part of this maintenance includes monitoring customers’ PV systems, according to owner Mike Tanuvasa.

“We want customers to know the importance of monitoring their system,” Tanuvasa said.

“By actively monitoring the health of your system, you will be alerted to any production issues your system may have,” he added. “Having just one micro-inverter or panel not producing power can cost homeowners $100-$150 per year in lost production. Monitoring your system is one of the most important aspects after installation. It’s the only way you can check if your system is producing power at peak efficiency.”



Tanuvasa explained that most inverters come with 10to 25-year manufacturer warranties, but SolarTech’s 5-Year Maintenance & Warranty Package can’t be beat.

“We monitor all of our customers’ systems every day of the year,” he said. “We also process warranty replacement claims on defective panels and inverters. We want our customers to enjoy all the benefi ts of solar without any of the headaches.”

SolarTech’s 5-Year Maintenance & Warranty Package covers a wide variety of services, which include full-service monitoring, production issue repairs, biennial maintenance inspections and warranty replacement on defective panels and inverters. This package is highly recommended for any customer who owns their PV system, and Tanuvasa always emphasized the importance of monitoring to his customers.

“We’ve seen customers pay $400-$500 electrical bills due to a faulty breaker on their PV system,” he said. “Actively monitoring a system and correcting the production issue in a timely manner will save customers a lot of money in the long run.”

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