If you’re looking to upgrade your property with high-quality carport and awning products, Premier Exterior has you covered.

Premier Exterior s, which is a locally owned and family operated business, offers the finest products that boast an elegant, modern, and sleek design. According to company owner Justin Wofford, there are various options homeowners can consider when it comes to their shading and weather protection needs.


“You can buy the gray tarp tents from the hardware store; sun-setters, which are retractable fabric awnings; electric roof louver-style patio covers; a traditional lean-to roof with a wooden frame; or our Premier Exterior awnings and carports,” he said.

Wofford explained the problems with the first four options to homeowners and potential customers.

“The gray tarps you can buy from the hardware stores look ugly, first and foremost; you have to replace them if you get a high wind and they break down from UV rays,” he said. “Gray tarps usually last from six months to two years maximum. Sun-setters are electrical, but electrical components don’t seem to do well in Hawaii because of the salt-laden air and humid climate, which offers prime opportunity for mold growth. These types of awnings create an undesired dark hole because they block out the natural light.”


Thus, products from Premier Exteriors present the perfect solution.

“Customers want to buy one of our products because of the look, and more importantly, they allow ambient light to pass through, but block 100 percent of the harmful UV rays and 75 percent of the heat,” Wofford said. “Our polycarbonate roof panels are 250 times stronger than glass”

“The frames of these carports or lanai covers are made from aircraft-quality, aluminum alloy metal,” he continued. “They have a galvanized steel center with different alloys, and one of the alloys used is aluminum. These products boast a ver y sturdy framework and high-tech panels, which equal great quality.”


Wofford reassured customers that these maintenance-free and weather-resistant structures are guaranteed to enhance the comfort and beauty of their homes. In fact, they have a 15-year lifespan, so customers don’t need to worry about frequent replacements. Premier Exteriors does free estimates, and there’s even a current promotion for before/after pictures of local homes.

“We have a factor y discount available if the homeowner lets us market a ‘before’ and ‘after’ photo,” Wofford confirmed. “We want to push that local photo, since we’re installing our new designs.”

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