While folks on the mainland are watching temperatures cool down for the fall, residents in Hawaii we get to enjoy sunny and warm weather all year. So the search for home cooling and comfort is never really over.

A versatile cooling solution that has gotten a lot of attention is the whole house fan. “Over the past few years, there has been a re-discovery of the whole house fan, in particular the QuietCool ducted systems,” said Al Whitworth of Island Cooling. “Homeowners are looking to cool their homes in a way that is energy efficient and responsive to an indoor/ outdoor lifestyle.”


Installed in the attic with an intake on the ceiling the QuietCool whole house fan sucks heat out of the living space, draws fresh air into the home and blows trapped heat out of the attic. A wall mounted countdown timer controls the operation of the system. One of the best parts about the QuietCool system, is that since it works with open windows they can be used all year round — not just the summer.

Katie Samuelson is a long time Island Cooling customer. This Windward Oahu resident writes, “I had a whole house fan installed in 2010 and have been so happy with it! I am writing now because the fan was not working for two days earlier this week and I had forgotten how much it really does help cool the house.”

“Whole house fans are not air conditioners — my house is not ‘cold’ with the fan, but the amount of air flow that goes through the house keeps the house manageable during the warm months and in the wet cooler months it helps to keep the house from being so damp all the time. We used to turn it on only part of the time but now we leave it running day and night.”


Ivan Whitwor th explains that QuietCool has an industry leading 15-year warranty and these energy-sipping devices are quick to install.

Dennis Nakata of Pear City said, “I called Island Cooling last year during the heat wave and had a QuietCool installed in my master bedroom. I love running it in the evening to bring fresh air into the room, and the constant flow of air helps it stay comfortable throughout the night. I run my QuietCool every night; I’ve barely used my A/C over the whole year. I would whole-heartedly recommend them to anyone.”

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