With the recent grid-supply cap reached, Hawaii is now focusing on the new world of self-supply PV systems. Homeowners can still install solar and reap the many benefits of a solar system with a self-supply system. These systems maintain a oneway connection to the grid and are not affected by the grid-supply cap. Self-supply PV systems offer the same energy independence as grid-supply systems and utilize a battery to store the excess energy produced during the day for use at night or in the event of a power outage.

“We are excited about the Self-Supply program,” said RevoluSun Smart Home chief innovation officer Eric Carlson. “As an industry, we have been talking for years about the debut of PV with batteries. That day has finally come and we think homeowners who take advantage of our offerings will be very excited as well.”

RevoluSun Smart Home has a wide variety of batteries that are top of the line for self-supply and customized home energy storage solutions. When combined with a photo-voltaic system, solar storage can reduce or eliminate your home’s monthly electric bill and give you the security of having backup power when you need it most.


“Many people have this view that batteries are expensive, but the reality is, our PV plus battery programs save you money from day one,” Carlson explained. “Besides saving money, the other benefits of the Self-Supply program are that the lengthy approval processes that frustrated so many people from going solar are now gone, and of course with batteries, you have peace of mind with backup power in case of an emergency. The bottom line is that it is always better to go solar than purchase your power from the utility — and batteries make solar more accessible than ever.”

RevoluSun Smart Home project developers like to use the Tesla Powerwall for the average size PV installation. The Powerwall is stylish, has an internal cooling mechanism, doesn’t get hot, and doesn’t off-gas, so it can be stored inside or outside the home. Blue Ion and Sunverge batteries can be scaled up to offer more storage capacity based on the size of the family, the home and energy storage requirements.

With constantly evolving innovative home technologies, RevoluSun Smart Home’s array of energy efficiency and smarter living products can reduce your electric bill by as much as 50 percent or more without HECO involvement. The Innovation Center has become a regular meeting place for the public and the free monthly seminars have been packed.

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