Whether you go into the office every day or work from home, most of us probably spend a lot more time at our desk than anywhere else. Why not take some time to make it a space that you can enjoy? With some creativity and individual flare, you can transform a utilitarian work station into a personalized think tank that is as stylish and unique as you.

Best of all, you don’t have to hire a contractor to do this. Whether you’re a pro DIYer or new to the crafting game, here are five simple ways to make a serious design statement in your office.

Add color


It’s truly amazing what vibrant or soothing colors can do for a space! So where to begin? Try this: Take a quick inventory of everything in your office that looks dull, flat or just plain. This could be a wicker basket, a lamp or even a coat rack! Try using a high quality general purpose spray paint such as Krylon COVERMAXX. It’s a paint and primer in one, resulting in premium coverage and superior color in one simple coat! Whatever color you choose — red, green or blue — the transformation will astonish you and the bright bold colors are bound to put a spring in your step, even on a stressful work day.

Go green and fill your space with plants!

If you already have a plant or two in your office, why not buy more? In most cases, you’ll want to select plants that thrive in low-light conditions. Now, the true creative work is in how you choose to arrange your plants. Rather than just placing them on your desk, look into hangers and wall hooks — all of which will create a winning combination where nature meets design.

Write it out on a chalkboard

If you’re someone who stays organized by writing out your schedule or to-do list each week, a chalkboard is the perfect addition to your workspace. Rather than buying a board, pick up a can of Krylon Chalkboard Paint. Simply spray it on wood, metal or glass and once it dries, you’ll have your very own custom chalk-board that works with chalk or chalkboard markers.

Declutter in style


We’re all more productive when we’re organized, so getting rid of clutter is a must do in every office. Make organizing fun by incorporating bold colors! Use bright file folders to keep track of important documents or create your own supply containers using mason jars to keep all of your desk items in one place. To add additional flare, spray your mason jars or glass containers with Krylon Stained Glass paint. This paint creates a beautiful translucent color on any glass surface and comes in a variety of exciting colors like royal purple and cobalt blue.

Revitalize your old stuff

Telephones, paperweights, old figurines — pretty much anything you might otherwise call junk — can make a strong artistic statement in your office. All you need is a canister of Krylon Colormaster Paint and Primer in new and trendy, Rose Gold. With a coat of rose gold paint and a metallic shine, any old thing can be turned into an amazing decorative item.

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This article is courtesy of Brand-point.