With the end of summer and official start of fall, there are many changes customers to look forward to at Rui Construction.

During the next six months, the local company will have a continuous shipment of new products and stocks, according to sales manager John Xie.

“We’ll be getting more products in terms of lighting and tiles,” he confirmed. “We will also be stocking engineered wood. That’s a new section that will be added (to our current categories).”


Xie said the inclusion of engineered wood is based on customer demand — from what Rui’s clients want for their new homes.

“The new category of engineered wood resulted from our customers’ wants from the construction sites,” he summarized. “It’s feedback from homeowners who are building new houses.”

Redwood doors is another new product Rui will carry in the near future. These doors feature a solid piece of wood with a specific hue, Xie said.


“This is a different door from what you would usually see at Home Depot or Lowe’s,” he clarified. “The color and craftsmanship on these doors is what makes it different. If you go to Home Depot or Lowe’s and want one of these redwood doors, it would be a special order through the manufacturer; it will take a long time to receive it. But, with Rui, we’ll have a certain stock on hand, ready to go.”


Customers can expect these new products — the engineered wood and redwood doors — to be available at Rui within the next two months.

“We are also restocking tiles, and we will feature new lighting — modern LED lighting — within the next month,” Xie added.

Through the month of September, customers can take advantage of Rui’s quartz clearance sale. Interested customers can inquire in-store for additional details, according to Xie. In the meantime, he encourages individuals to drop by the showroom to check out the company’s expanding product lines.

“A lot of the new products coming in are specialized and built for what homeowners are looking for, in terms of new construction,” he said.

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