hr-091116-cathy-3I know I’ve been talking a lot about commercial spaces — and I promise next time I’ll get back to home ideas — but this week I want to give you one more glimpse of how well-branded design can add to affect customers’ moods.

The salon I go to for eyelash extensions (yes, guys, some women do this) caters to women. These three photos show how business owner Kristin Wood has created a perfect setting for her clients — one that’s glam, current and a little bit edgy, but girlie and playful at the same time.

Notice the eclectic mix of styles? It starts with a modern base: vinyl gray-washed plank floors with modern elements layered on top, from faux leathers in varying neutral tones to metallic wallpaper and mirrors and bling throughout the space. All this stays within the same color palette of white to dove gray to black, with the glint of mirrors, metallic and bling adding their splash.
What keeps the look from being too one-note is an added layer of whimsical. The rustic weathered console with delicate knobs is a traditional touch, a playful throwback that contrasts with but complements the modern.

So ladies, I hope these photos can inspire your bedroom retreat, your dressing room or almost any space. Girlie, bold, whimsical and glamorous — it’s all there!
Cathy Lee is president and designer of Cathy Lee Style. Visit and her photo blog, Homefront.