Whether you simply want your home to look more beautiful, or if you need a professional with safety equipment to prepare your roof for a protective coating, Leak-master Roofi ng is offering a special price for roof cleaning this month.

Why would you want your roof cleaned? Depending on the type of roof you have, cleaning your roof can prolong its life considerably.

Flat roofs. They often have standing water in Hawaii, and that creates a lot of black mildew, which can destroy a fl at roof. The mildew spores send little barbed roots into the asphalt surface when the roof is soft and wet. When the sun comes out these little roots with “fish hooks” pull up the little ceramic granules on your roof, which is its protective shield. To see if this is occurring on your house simply go in to the gutter and check for loose granules. If your roof is coated with an acrylic coating, the mildew will slowly peel away about one millimeter of coating every year until the roof is exposed.

Shingle roofs. Asphalt composition roofs also have small granules as its protective shield against the sun. Look around your neighborhood and you will see many examples of dark mildew saturated roofs. Besides destroying the granules, the mildew also makes your roof dark and very hot in the summer. Killing the mildew will slow down the damage. Even better, after your roof is cleaned you can choose to put a cool, waterproof coating on top which will protect your shingle against mildew growth. Your home is instantly cooler, cleaner, more beautiful and won’t blow off in a wind gust because all the shingles are “glued” together on the roof.


Monier concrete tiles. They are usually beautiful, long lasting roofs — but if they are back in the valley they quickly have their protective glaze coating eaten away by the mold. Soon the concrete becomes pitted and brittle and can crack. Luckily, they can be restored with a good cleaning. If your coating is too far gone, Leakmaster can apply a new, colorful glossy coating to your tiles.

Metal roofs. They also can get moldy and when they do they start to rust. Luckily this is one of the easier roofs to clean because the metal is a relatively smooth, slippery surface. And they look so nice and fresh when cleaned up. Right now Leakmaster has a Roof Cleaning Special going on. For most roofs that are 1,000 square feet or larger they will clean your roof for 39 cents per square foot. That’s a savings from the company’s normal price of 50 cents per square foot. Even better, the company will perform an inspection while they are cleaning to let you know what, if any, repairs should be done to prolong the life of your roof. Since new roofs can be quite expensive, the staff at Leakmaster thinks that getting the most years of life out of your existing roof is usually your best bet. Call Leakmaster for a free estimate with no obligation.

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