If you’ve been watching the photovoltaic (PV) situation in Hawaii, you know it’s “lights out” for HECO’s Grid Supply system. If the program is not already closed at the time of this printing, it will be very soon.

Now it’s time for self supply — onsite battery storage — to shine! Alternate Energy Inc.’s (AEI) solar customers can still harness the power of the sun and control their own energy future with on-site, residential energy storage.


“Our HESS (Home Energy Storage Solution) is an intelligent, onsite distributed energy storage system that captures solar power, stores it, and delivers it whenever you need it — at night, on cloudy days, and even in the event of a power outage,” said director of marketing Mike Ito. “That’s especially important when you think about our two near-misses with Hurricanes Madeline and Lester. We’re only halfway (through) hurricane season.”

AEI customer s can choose from a HESS system based on batter y technology from Sunverge, the “Cadillac” of storage systems; or the Tesla Powerwall from Tesla Energy (AEI is one of the first Tesla Energy Authorized Resell-ers in Hawaii).
Either way, HESS combines lithium-ion batteries, power electronics, and multiple energy inputs in a UL-certified appliance that is controlled by software running in the cloud. The units are charged with electricity generated from solar panels. This energy is then sent to an inverter that converts the energy into the current used by lights, appliances and devices. From the inverter, the current is sent to the home or business’s electrical panel for use. HESS can integrate with new or existing solar systems.

“Battery storage is no longer just the future of energy efficient homes — it’s here now. We’re proud to offer this state-of-the-art product to our customers on Oahu and Maui,” said Ito.

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