Customers who have leaking roofs no longer need to fear, because SolarTech Industries is here to help.

According to SolarTech owner Mike Tanuvasa, about 50 percent of the company’s jobs involve fixing roof leaks, due to the improper installation of solar systems.


“The main issue is improper installation of the mounting system,” he said. “Companies weren’t installing them properly, so a few years after installation, customers’ roofs are now leaking. For most of our customers, we take down their entire system and reinstall it correctly with the proper equipment in order to repair the roof leak.”

Tanuvasa is sure to explain the technicalities behind improper installations to his customers.

“Most companies were drilling into customer’s roofs and not properly sealing the penetration with a roof flashing or silicone boot,” he stated. “That’s what you’re supposed to use for penetration integrity — it seals the penetration so water doesn’t get into your roof.”

Many of SolarTech's jobs involve fixing roof leaks caused by improper solar installation.

Many of SolarTech’s jobs involve fixing roof leaks caused by improper solar installation.


“Instead, what companies have done is drilled a hole into the roof and anchored a hanger bolt directly into the rafter,” Tanuvasa continued, “then they put a little bit of caulking around the hanger bolt to seal it. That is absolutely not recommended; there’s no way that’s going to protect your roof from water or other elements.”

As the rainier months approach, fixing leaky roofs become more essential to customers. Customer Wendy Nguyen recalled calling SolarTech right before a storm was coming, since her roof was leaking and she didn’t want to have water damage in her ceiling.

“They (SolarTech) managed to schedule me in the very next day, and they finished it (the job) in about five hours,” she said. “The storm never came, but it did rain. SolarTech is reliable, and they’re also considerate — they scheduled me in because of the leak. They accommodated me; otherwise, I would have possible damage to my house.”



Tanuvasa said customers and homeowners should know that the remedy is quick and hassle-free, since SolarTech offers free maintenance inspections.

“We will come to your house and inspect your entire system from top to bottom to see if there was anything that your installation company may have installed incorrectly,” Tanuvasa said. “We take pictures and have a detailed report to send to the customer. We’re also unbiased. If your system is in good condition, we won’t sell you a service you don’t need.”

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