With Oahu near ing the 25-megawatt capacity limit under the current HECO Customer Grid-Supply program (Maui and Hawaii Island have already reached their capacity), new PV customers will soon be installing systems under the Customer Self-Supply program. Under this program, all solar PV installations moving forward must store surplus energy in batteries rather than exporting it to the grid.

So much more than batteries, the innovative KumuKit™ Powerblocks PV home energy storage system connects to new and existing PV systems, working together with your solar panels and household electrical devices to create a complete home energy management system.

Power outages from tropical storms and electrical grid failure are inevitable. Keep the power flowing and your family going with KumuKit™ Powerblocks, and you won’t have to suffer through them again. KumuKit™ Powerblocks operates silently in the background, providing immediate backup power to lighting, medical equipment, refrigerators, televisions, radios, phone chargers and other critical items that are important to your family in times of emergency.


Save the day and power the night by generating and storing power during the day when sunshine is abundant, and then get it back during the evening and night when you need it the most. KumuKit™ Powerblocks maximizes usage of that energy in your home and minimizes the amount of energy given up to the utility.

Take charge of the solar power you generate. Make your home a powerhouse with a PV system with KumuKit™ Powerblocks. A storage system that is right-sized to your family’s needs and, when purchased alongside a PV system, is eligible for the same great tax incentives as PV itself. Our financing options make it easy to own.

Every family is unique with their home electricity usage, so knowing the PV system size you will need is a big deal. Under the Customer Self-Supply program, it is more important than ever. Purchasing an oversized system can cost you thousands more for extra panels and end up wasting the valuable power you generate. Undersized systems aren’t a good deal either. The low cost is appealing, but the low solar production will disappoint you.

How can you find that perfect fit? Let Hawaii Energy Connection right-size its KumuKit™ PV system for you with its exclusive PV SIZER™ tool to help you visualize the system size you’ll need and better understand how to maximize its power. It’s an important par t of Hawaii Energy Connection’s no-pressure solar analysis.

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