HR-082116-HPS-Construction-1By Gerry Peters

HPS Construction’s walk-in and roll-in tub to shower conversions set the standard for quality value choices. HPS Construction Service specializes in walk-in and roll-in showers, and partial or full bathroom remodels and upgrades.

Benefits of a walk-in shower

Tub to shower conversions not only help for safety (not slipping on the inward angles of tubs), but effectively add what seems like a 35-45 percent increase in space and aesthetic comfort. For an upgrade, the staff runs tile all the way to the ceiling, if not already there, and extend the walls to be outside the tubs and showers to help prevent drywall water damage in the long run.

Walk-in shower cost and other upgrades

We have done several hundred of these cost-effective, high-quality tubto-shower conversions, removing old bathtubs and building a walk in shower. They range in cost from $4,500 to $7,500, plus about $3,000 to $5,000 for a complete bathroom upgrade top to bottom. The staff at HPS gets you special prices on new vanities, counter tops, sinks, faucets, regular and tri-view medicine chest/mirror combinations, over the mirror light fixtures, and a choice of 20 different new generation flooring and toilet packages. Plus, the staff takes you “shopping” at their “favored nation” associate vendors — who have everything and anything you choose, whether your design, our design, or a magazine or architect’s design.
Walk-in and roll-in shower designs


This roll-in is a hall bath in one of the typical “plantation” type single wall houses. The company also modified the door to get it out of the way and allow walker and wheelchair access to the vanity basin and the toilet.

The curb type showers shown in the other pictures on the company’s website “article” and “services” sections, and in its kitchen and bath slide show, have a removable curb for later in life, but are only 4-6 inches tall so are easy to step over.

Plus, the team at HPS firmly installs and secures necessary safety grab bars, installs current building code mandated anti-scald shower valves and fixtures and also installs multi option “rain” shower type showerheads 6-foot hand-held braided shower head extensions.


Last but not least, the company also offers triangular and full width built in shower benches, and built in soap and shampoo niches at precise desired location.

Finally, the staff at HPS helps you to choose a shower door or the new generation double curved shower curtain permanently affixed brush nickel, brass, or chrome rods whereby the outer bar is absolutely great for extra and faster towel drying.

Gerry Peters is the president/general manager at HPS.