HR-080716-Shoji-Hawaii-3We’ve all seen temperatures rise in Hawaii in recent years, so we now need air conditioning more than ever. But the typical open design of homes in Hawaii can make the prospect of containing the air conditioning to the rooms you use the most almost impossible. However, there is a beautiful solution: Shoji doors from Shoji Hawaii will keep your air conditioning in the rooms you want cooled, and prevent leakage so that air conditioners won’t work overtime and run up your electricity bill.

Shoji doors are a functional and cost-effective solution because they are flexible (easily moving from side to side) and are even entirely removable when you want to enlarge and maximize your space. But on the days you want to stay cool and keep the cool air in a contained space, shoji doors get the job done.

Plus, they really are beautiful. The diffused light that comes through the shoji paper is serene and creates a passive light source that not only counters the harshness of direct light, but also helps to reduce your electric bills.
Shoji Hawaii has many designs to choose from and custom builds every door here on Oahu to fit your space. They work in every kind of wood and the staff consults with you to make certain that your shoji doors will best match your taste, d├ęcor and budget. Additionally, the company installs and guarantees its work too. With more than 100 successful installations on Oahu, you can be assured that Shoji Hawaii’s work is top quality.

But are you worried about shoji paper being too fragile? This is not your grandmother’s shoji paper! The proven state-of-the-art laminated shoji paper used by Shoji Hawaii comes from Japan and is still rice paper, but sandwichsealed in a plastic coating. It is strong, washable, and UV protected so it doesn’t yellow or get brittle like the old fashioned papers did.

Come to “Booth 756 C” at Remodel It Right, set for Aug. 12-14 at Neal S. Blaisdell Center. Meet and talk with Shoji Hawaii’s professional team. Or, go to to check out “Gallery” and “Installations.” Get inspired and select the design you most like, then call 492-6818 and owner Peter Gommers will measure your space and provide a free estimate.

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