HR-082816-Windows-Hawaii-1Windows Hawaii is not only your one-stop shop for brand-new and replacement windows. The local business provides the perfect fi t in terms of window installation, thanks to its retrofit option.

According to general manager Mario Garcia, there are several AAMA standards contractors have to follow when replacing windows. These standards outline the different types of frames for the different applications. However, many island wide contractors only use or know new construction installation standards. The new construction type frame has a thin piece of metal extending from the window, which is located around the standard-sized window’s exterior frame. This fi n adds to the window’s permanent structure and is nailed directly to the house’s frame.

Garcia summarized the difference between nail fin and retrofit. He noted the latter option sets Windows Hawaii apart from other businesses.


“For new construction installation, the correct window frame is nail fin,” he said. “To replace an existing window, the retrofit frame is the recommended frame type. There is a reason why there are different frame types. We provide retrofit (custom-size window replacements), which offers a better fi t and better sealing because we don’t have to remove the old frame where the seal would have to be broken.”

With new construction homes, windows are installed before the rest of the wall is finished around the window. But, if the window eventually needs replacing, contractors must cut the siding, cut the trim, put the new window in and try to reseal the opening. According to Garcia, “the window won’t seal correctly anymore because the siding is already there; it won’t be a good seal.”

That’s where customsize retrofit replacements from Windows Hawaii come in. Custom-size windows don’t have a nail fi n, meaning they can easily slide into the hole and be secured to the wall directly. The window trim and siding aren’t affected, and customers with rock or brick homes also don’t have to worry, as there are different frames for that application as well.


“For aesthetic or economic reasons, homeowners may choose to keep and upgrade their existing windows with our retrofit installation,” he summarized. “An upgrade not only improves window operation, but it also reduces air leakage — movement of air in and out of the house through cracks in the window assembly. Air sealing also improves a window’s airtightness, which leads to improved customer comfort.”

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