Hawaii’s hot and humid summer kicked off with hurricane season hitting the Pacific in June. After Tropical Storm Darby passed, the humidity rose to more than 92 percent. Hawaii’s trade wind pattern was blocked for a few days post-Darby — making for long days and even longer nights trying to stay cool and comfortable. Whole House fans are an economical way to provide air circulation in your home and cool down living spaces.

The Whole House fan is designed to cool and ventilate the entire home by drawing fresh cool air through your home and forcing hot attic air out through vents in your attic. Whole House fans cool the house in a much more energy-efficient way than A/C. They also exhaust and ventilate the air, keeping air fresh while ridding a home of irritants like pet dander, odors, germs, smoke and VOC gases. These exceptionally quiet fans can be installed in a single, or multiple-fan configuration.

Installation is quick, while costs vary according to home needs. Upfront costs are affordable, especially when considering Whole House fans are proven to save homeowners up to 90 percent on air conditioning bills. In many home designs, a Whole House fan may even eliminate the need for an A/C. Savings also include a $75 rebate from Hawaii Energy.
RevoluSun Smart Home has a line of products designed to give you relief from the increasingly unpleasant summer weather. While these summer months are hotter than the rest of the year, these products can help year round. Factors like the original design of your home, its location, or the amount of sun exposure your home receives may mean that areas of your home are consistently hotter or darker than others. Revolu-Sun Smart Home products can transform these spaces, making them pleasant and enjoyable.

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