HR-082816-Haleakala-2With 39 years of experience in all types of solar offerings and energy storage systems designed, built and in service today, Haleakala Solar continues to lead the way for Hawaii homeowners to get the greatest benefit from renewable energy options. Haleakala Solar would like to introduce you to sonnenBatterie.

As energy prices continue to rise and Hawaii implements plans to utilize 100 percent renewable energy by 2045, solar plus storage is becoming a critical part of Hawaii’s energy future. Haleakala Solar is committed to help meet Hawaii’s 100 percent renewable energy goal. An effective method to get us there is by employing the smart solar battery solution, sonnenBatterie. Both the sonnenBatterie eco and compact products meet HECO’s energy storage requirements for the Customer Self-Supply program and easily integrate with new or existing solar systems, maximizing the amount of home solar you use.

Concerned with power outages during this and future hurricane seasons? The sonnenBatterie eco provides a reliable back-up power feature, giving you the peace of mind that your PV system will keep working during outages.

The sonnen Batterie compact offers a sleek, wall-mounted design and comes at a reduced cost. The compact is a smart addition to any solar-powered household and is expandable to 4kWh, 8kWh, 12kWh, and 16kWh — possessing enough capacity to meet 100 percent of your household energy needs.

Sonnen provides a proven, effective energy storage solution with more than 12,000 systems installed worldwide. sonnenBatterie’s trademark intelligent energy storage systems offer energy forecasting and management capabilities with self-learning technology that turns houses into Smart Energy Homes.

With the sonnenApp and Webportal, you can see exactly how much energy you produce and consume throughout the day to save money, resulting in a quick payback and empowering you to take control of your energy supply. Claim your energy independence with sonnenBatterie from Hale-akala Solar.

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