If you are looking for products to improve your residential or commercial garden design, go to Big Rock For more than 33 years, the company has been manufacturing stone veneer and garden goodies. Big Rock has compiled quite a wonderful and eclectic collection of things for your home and garden.

Big Rock is, of course, well known for its Moss Rock pavers and the incredible assor tment of boulders that look 100 percent real. But, these stones are ready to be easily placed in your garden. The boulders are flat on the bottom, and relatively lightweight when compared to their natural counterparts. The pavers come in a wide range of sizes and random shapes to create the perfect stone pathways that will best suit your landscape.


Interested in a tranquil Japanese theme? Big Rock has all you will need for this also, starting with a varied selection of incredibly beautiful natural stone basins that it started creating in the ’80s. There also are lanterns, bamboo flumes and tiny pumps to lift the water, and natural river rock to surround it all. No other place on earth has things like this, as these have each been cast from carefully chosen Hawaiian stones that have naturally eroded over time.


Garden ornaments that you will find there include a variety of buddha in many sizes, turtles, frogs, owls, tikis, poi-pounders and Hawaiian konane game stones cast from ancient originals. Pond liners and pumps also are on hand for anyone wanting to do a pond. Surround the pond with the Moss Rock pavers to tie it all together, matching your garden paths.

If you have been looking for copper rain chains, you also will find them at Big Rock. The company carries about two dozen different designs and will happily order something it does not normally carry. There are a great many more things not mentioned here, but the best way to discover what you need is to go to the store, located in Mapunapuna, which also is where Big Rock manufactures the products for which it is renowned.

The prices are reasonable and Big Rock cast stone lasts a lifetime. If you are going to spend hard-earned money on your home, you want what you buy to age gracefully, just as Big Rock ages gracefully.

Big Rock is an established Hawaiian company started in 1983, and is a longstanding member of the Building Association of Hawaii, the Better Business Bureau and the National Federation of Independent Business. Since its inception, more than 6 million square feet of walls have been covered with Big Rock stone veneer. You quite simply cannot tell the difference between Big Rock and the real thing.

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