If you care about noise, energy efficiency, air quality and even resale value, there’s a better solution than the traditional window air conditioner.

Duct-free split systems like Carrier’s Performance DLS series are designed to make it easy to add cooling to one, two or more parts of the home. Duct-free means there is no expensive duct work required. Installation requires hardly any modification to your home.

The intelligent design of locating the compressor outside the house not only makes Carrier’s Performance series much quieter, but also more energy efficient. Inverter technology improves that efficiency so you can save significant dollars on energy costs. It’s also much more peaceful, reducing indoor noise by as much as the volume of a loud TV compared to a traditional window-mounted unit.


Interior fan coils — where the cool air comes out — come in a variety of fixtures for wall and ceiling mount. This allows you and your installer to customize cooling to the shape , structure and aesthetics of your home.

Carrier’s Performance DLS systems also offer various filtering options to remove pollen, pet dander and other irritants. Filtration provides cool, comfor table, dehumidified air that is healthy for the whole family, especially for those with allergies or other sensitivities.

So instead of suffering through summer in a hot room, consider adding a duct-free split system. You’ll elevate your comfort while increasing the resale value of your home.

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