Have you ever heard of the word disintermediation? If you haven’t, prepare to have your vocabulary expanded by one word today — a word that should become a favorite of every consumer!

Disintermediation is another way of saying “cutting out the middleman” — those usually undisclosed parties who handle goods and services between the producer and the consumer. Middlemen add a little profit for themselves along the way so that all of us end up paying a higher price for our purchases.



Middlemen in flooring can add significantly to the cost of flooring. As Shirley Pai Hilton from Kahala Pacific Floors noted, there are extra layers of shipping costs that are added on by each distributor. All of this means that you may be paying very high prices not because the product is superior, but because of how it makes its way to you.

Kahala Pacific Floors recognized this disadvantage a long time ago when it decided to be a manufacturer of its own brand of wood flooring, made especially for Hawaii residents. Through its import arm, Pacific Imports International, the company has brought millions of square feet of high-quality flooring products to the local market, first with its Bayside brand and now with Kahala Floors.



Thousands of akamai local consumers have already experienced their outstanding quality and excellent pricing.


“Just come in to get a quote, pick up a sample, and go shopping,” said Hilton. “It will be difficult to find anything that equals the beautiful construction of our product and, if you do, it will probably be priced about 40 percent to 50 percent higher.”

The Kahala Floors engineered line of flooring is especially popular. Hawaii’s unique climate and extensive slab-on-grade construction call for the extra stability this form of flooring offers, decreasing the risks and costs of putting in a beautiful wood floor.


As a product designer and manufacturer, Hilton’s expertise in flooring is very evident when you talk to her. She shares her knowledge each month at the company’s Wood and Stone Flooring 101 seminar, and past attendees will confirm that these events present a wealth of information to guests. The free seminar has been attended by thousands of Hawaii residents over the last 10 years. You will gain the information you need to select the floor that is right for you, and all graduates of the seminar receive special “lower than contractor” lifetime pricing on flooring and installation.


The company’s next session will be held at 10 a.m. Saturday, July 16. Call 847-7711 to reserve a seat as space is limited.

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