HR-070316-Oriental-Cabinet-&-Granite-6For individuals looking to spruce up their kitchens or bathrooms this summer, Oriental Cabinet & Granite, LLC has all the answers. The company just received a new shipment of cabinets in maple and light cherry — perfect for your summer renovations — and customers can enjoy discounts for the entire month of July, according to strategy consultant Aaron-Jason Meredith.

“We’re offering customers up to 55 percent off on our maple and light cherry cabinets,” he said. “We are also offering $50 off quartz panels.”

Cabinet shipments come in ever y two or three months, according to Meredith. Business has picked up for Oriental Cabinet, with many customers taking advantage of the summer months to complete their home renovation projects.


“Sometimes, we get new shipments to replenish our stock,” he said. “Other times, we get shipments just to even things out a bit.”

Meredith also wants to remind customers that, when they visit Oriental Cabinet & Granite’s showroom, they not only score unbelievable discounts, but they can also be equipped with a “gadgetman,” what he describes as a “super nifty, tri-function key chain.”

This key chain of a little green man not only measures up to 39 inches, lights up whatever you’re trying to see in the dark and opens your pau hana beer, but does it all with a smile on the little man’s face.


“We have put our company’s name, address and phone number right across the heart of the little green dude,” Meredith said. “Our hope is that, as you’re finding constant usefulness for your new free tchotchke, perhaps it might also catch the eye of someone you happen to be around. Perhaps they will want one, too, and they will ask you where you got it. We’d love to flood the community with these things!

“So, we give you a free key chain, you enjoy how nifty that free keychain is, and Oriental Cabinet & Granite gains exposure in the process … everybody wins,” he summarized.

Oriental is located on the mauka, Diamond Head corner of Kalani Street and Waiakamilo Road. Coming from Dill-ingham Boulevard, it’s the building with the huge wave painted on the back; it’s also just one block up from Nimitz Highway, on the right hand side. Stop by to claim your free little green gadgetman, and while you’re at it, feel free to make yourself a coffee, take a look around Oriental’s beautiful showroom and talk story with the friendly staff.

contact // 841-9425
address // 1320 Kalani St. Bay 106
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