HR-071716-Carrier-HawaiiSummer is here and the heat will worsen. You’ve probably considered installing air conditioning for a room or the entire home, but still might be unsure of what to get. The frugal ones still consider buying a room air conditioner, which are still unsightly from the outside and can be noisy and disturbing, even to the neighbors.

The ductless split (DLS) system is the upgrade from the room air conditioner. It costs more, but in the long run, you will get years of quiet and comfortable reliability. It consists of a quiet indoor section mounted on the wall or in the ceiling, coupled to the outdoor section with the noisier compressor and fan mounted on the ground. The outdoor section is now so quiet, you can hardly hear it. The DLS is now so established, many homeowners confuse it with central air conditioning, a more expensive, ducted alternative.

The DLS is simple to install and can cool as many rooms as your budget affords. The ducted system requires a lot more work to run the ductwork inside the attic or through floor joists in an already-occupied home. This is the main reason so many homeowners choose to go with the DLS; very little disruption, fast, and less expensive.

Carrier’s Performance Series DLS offers all the qualities you seek in a DLS. Besides the one-on-one DLS, there is a Multi-Zone system that allows you to cool several rooms with just one outdoor section, reducing the amount of outdoor units. Or you can expand your comfort to more rooms as your budget allows it.

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