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July 10, 2016


By Jackie Perreira

A kamai means “smart” in Hawaiian, which makes sense for Akamai Pest Solutions, the pest control company that cares about the environment. The company is dedicated to always provide the best for its customers. Its primary means of doing so is with an organic product named XT2000 Orange Oil Plus. Owner Roger Meints chose this method because it is not only safer for homes and businesses, but for the environment as well.

As Meints explained, “We are the smarter, safer alternative.” Indeed, the company’s XT2000 Orange Oil Plus is made out of distilled orange rinds, making it 95 percent pure orange oil, the other 5 percent being pulp water. It contains no additives and has revolutionized pest control. Compared to fumigation, orange oil offers countless benefits to home and business owners.

The product is harmless, meaning you no longer have to vacate the premises or worry about lingering harmful gasses. The hassles of bagging every single consumable item in the home (food and even makeup) and hiring a security guard to stand watch are all avoided with the orange oil.


“For families and children, it’s extremely safe,” said branch manager Ronda Galimba. “They can be right there in the home. They don’t have to pack up, they don’t have to move out.”

Even the elderly need not worry at all. “There’s no residuals, there’s no greenhouse effect. All the way from the keiki to the kupuna can be there,” she continued. “We’ve done hospitals, elderly homes. On the Big Island, we did the SPCA and not one animal was moved. I’m very sure no other fumigation company can say that.”

The orange oil is simply injected straight into the wood. “The fumes from the orange oil act as a neurotoxin before the liquid even gets to the termite. And once it gets to the termite, it melts off the exoskeleton and even kills its egg. No other product kills the eggs,” Galimba said. “That’s why fumigation companies know that they have to come back … because they know they leave eggs in there.”

Oftentimes one of the most worrisome parts of fumigating is having to sign a waiver stating that the company is not liable for any roof, gutter or solar panel damage after treatment. With XT2000 Orange Oil Plus, no waiver is needed. Being that it is an organic product, the product can be installed by simply injecting the oil into problem areas while you are at home. No tenting or vacating is necessary, either.

Akamai Pest Solutions also has stayed current in termite technology by investing in Termatrac, a device that allows them to see inside of your wood for termite movement. “We have been using that since last year and I think it’s tremendous as far as what our crews can do, especially in a cabinet area. Sometimes because cabinets have so many different compartments, it can be difficult to get in there and get everything. But with Termatrac you can pinpoint exactly where it’s at. It’s really a great addition to what we were already doing,” said Galimba.

Akamai Pest Solutions offers both ground and drywood treatment along with warranties.

For ground termite treatment, the length of the warranty varies from one to five years, depending on what sort of chemical was needed for treatment. For drywood treatment, the warranty spans for two years with the option of renewing it annually. Every year under that warranty, Akamai Pest Solutions will inspect your home and immediately take care of any new problems.

From April to June, termites enter a transformation phase, meaning those are the worst months for swarming for both ground and dry-wood termites. Akamai Pest Solutions suggests you call the company if you notice any of the following: termite droppings, significant groups of termites or wood damage. It is important to remember that swarming does not always constitute termite activity, but the safest way to tell is to call for an inspection (Akamai Pest Solutions offers free estimates) at 754-3393.

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