HR-072416-Alice-1QUESTION OF THE WEEK: I just got a new home. Can you suggest what energetic feng shui things I should take care of before I move? Also, my mother, who is not moving, wants to know if the things you suggest can benefit her as well.

I certainly can suggest things that will benefit movers and non-movers alike. Here are some tips!

• Change or fix the lock on the front door. The locks are the “handshake” of your home, and you want that handshake to be yours. If you are not moving and your existing lock is broken or does not operate easily and smoothly, take the time to fix it. It will bring in a smoother energy and help to mitigate frustrations in other areas of your life.

• Clean up the house. While the old owners may leave the home clean for you, to “own” the energy of the home you’ll still want to clean everything yourself. If you are not moving, consider hiring a professional cleaning service to come in and clean things that you may not have paid attention to for years, such as louvers, ovens, screens, windows and hard-to-reach areas or areas of neglect.

• Paint all the walls and ceilings. Don’t be afraid to put color on your walls. Usually, finding the right color is most difficult for people. When in doubt, use colors you find in nature — earth tones, greens, yellows and blues. Even if you paint or change the color in only one room, you will lift the energy tremendously.

• Get some good organizers. It’s worth your time and energy to get a closet system prior to the move to accommodate everything in an orderly manner, making your life less stressful and the new home more enjoyable. If you are not moving, pick a closet that needs organizing and put in a system. Closets symbolize what you don’t want others to see, so organizing them so that they are “presentable” will energetically reconcile things in your mind and clear out mental baggage.

• Install new switch plates, toilet seats, light bulbs and door handles. When you replace these items, you create a uniformity and freshness that makes the home feel instantly newer. Switching out a cover plate is simple and can have a big effect. The electricity running through the house symbolically represents the nervous system, so changing the switch plates is symbolically “managing” your stress and balancing your nerves.

Doing any of these things will definitely create a better energetic template for you or your mom!

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