Today’s decks are built in creative designs to make them an ideal place to relax and de-stress. These ideas will allow you to use the workability of modern decking to achieve an outdoor living space that’s the perfect “deck-escape” for you.

1. Show off some curves

For years, decks have been simple rectangular shapes built with traditional lumber. Now you can build decks in virtually any shape — from giant leaves to free-flowing curves. These decks lack the severity of sharp angles, and create a more casual feel perfect for relaxation. Many of these decks are built with high performance wood-plastic composite decking, which can be bent and shaped with simple heating.

2. Add some H2-Oh!


Whether it’s a simple birdbath or an elaborate fountain, adding a water feature to your deck is an ideal way to enhance its appeal. With its clear beauty and gentle, flowing sound, water is uniquely soothing. Simply fill a wine barrel or pot with water and a few aquatic plants for a signature piece on your deck.


3. Landscape for the perfect escape

To create an ultra-inviting deck-escape, integrate landscaping into your design. This could be as simple as adding a few planters with fragrant flowers to soothe your senses, or as comprehensive as turning your deck into an extension of your garden by working your deck design specifically around trees or shrubs. With better workability than wood, modern materials like composite decking can be curved to seamlessly encircle a tree or frame a garden.

4. Raise the curtain on elegant design

Suspending fabric over your deck is a simple, low-cost way to create an inviting retreat space. Fabric can be hung in a straight line or draped from an overhead hoop, pergola or trellis to create a private canopy. Patterned fabrics showcase your personal taste and offer welcome shade, while sheer fabrics add elegance and provide a balance between privacy and preserving views.


This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.