HR-070316-HAWAII-ENERGY-CONNECTION-AC-1As a breakthrough in distributed energy resource management, the KumuKit Powerblocks™ PV storage system from Hawaii Energy Connection enhances a PV system’s abilities and allows you to store your own PV energy. The modular design allows for easy upgrade and incremental expansion, and the automatic emergency backup power feature provides critical loads during a power outage.

System visibility is achieved through secure cloud-based tools in the Energy Dashboard interface, which makes it easy to manage select home loads with detailed visibility and historical reporting capability. You can see where your energy is being consumed, identify electricity hogs, set electricity reduction and savings goals, and monitor your progress.

So much more than batteries, the innovative Powerblocks™ PV storage system connects to new and existing PV systems, and works together with your solar panels and household electrical devices to create a complete home energy management system.


Power outages from tropical storms and grid failure are inevitable. Keep the power fl owing and your family going with Power-blocks,™ and you won’t have to suffer through them again. Powerblocks™ silently operates in the background, providing immediate backup power to lighting, medical equipment, refrigerator, television, radio, phone chargers or other critical items that are important to your family in times of emergency.

Save the day and power the night by generating and storing power during the day when sunshine is abundant, and then get it back during the night when you need it the most. Power-blocks™ maximizes the usage of that energy in your home, and minimizes the amount of that energy that is given up to the utility.

Take charge of the solar power you generate. Make your home a powerhouse with a PV system and Powerblocks™. A Power-blocks™ storage system is right-sized to your family’s needs and, when purchased alongside a PV system, is eligible for the same great tax incentives as PV itself. Hawaii Energy Connection’s financing options make it easy to own.

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