Kuakini Medical Center chose lifetime-warrantied, fully equipped, American-made walk-in bathtubs from Tropical Plumbing & Bath for its recent installation of walk-in tubs in men’s and women’s senior living facilities.

Shown in the photo are Gary Kajiwara, president and CEO Kuakini Health System (right) and Tropical Plumbing & Bath president Charlie Beeck.



“It was an honor to have our product chosen by Kuakini for their Residential Care facility,” Beeck said. “As general contractors, we were able to handle the entire project for them, from selection to the actual installation. We filled their needs in a timely manner, and they were very pleased with the service and quality of the product.

“The fact that a highly regarded medical and care facility made the decision to install these fixtures demonstrates the increasing acceptance of walk-in tubs … a product we pioneered in Hawaii more than 10 years ago.”


The bathtubs feature 80-second, dual-drain technology, stainless steel frame, hydrotherapy jets, air massage, inline water heater to maintain temperature throughout the tub as the water circulates, hand-held shower, grab bars and other accessories.


Walk-in bathtubs and showers continue to increase in popularity as the population ages. According to Beeck, the demand for walk-in tubs and barrier-free showers is especially strong in Hawaii, where multigenerational households are common and the safety of family members with limited mobility is a concern. Tropical sells a variety of models in a wide price range, and also offers complete bathroom remodeling.

“When we remodel bathrooms, these installations are often included,” said Beeck, who has been named “Remodeler of the Year” by the Building Industry Association. “Walk-in tubs are very versatile. They can be filled so the occupant is partly immersed in the water, much like a furo, or the occupant can use the shower in various positions. Seats, head rests and grab bars are built in. The walk-in showers often replace old-fashioned showers, which are typically small and narrow. Some that we’ve installed are wheelchair-accessible. It makes economic sense for the homeowner to choose a licensed contractor with design expertise as well as the capability to handle any required structural changes or plumbing alterations.”


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