Mass production certainly has its benefits. If it weren’t for assembly line style techniques, we would have very few of the modern conveniences we are now so accustomed to. Though it keeps costs down, mass production has one drawback that becomes readily apparent in a discipline such as construction: It makes everything look the same.

Amid the vast amount of homogenization that occurs in many facets of life in this country, it’s nice to come home to a place that truly is your own. Many homeowners want a home designed just the way they want it, not some house from a cookie cutter builder, and some are willing to pay a pretty penny for it.


As homeowners search for the house of their dreams, they may end up finding a house plan in a newspaper, order plans from a magazine, or just have an idea of what they would like based on houses they have been in. Getting those ideas on paper and having blueprints drawn to give to contractors, however, is a job that few homeowners attempt themselves.


In the past, an architect or draftsperson’s plans were all drawn by hand, but now (as with many aspects of modern life) the computer has entered the field to allow drafting to be done more quickly and accurately. The latest Computer Aided Drafting & Design (CADD) software includes floor plans and elevations as well as plumbing and electrical plans to meet the standards set by the UBC, BNBC, BOCA and SBC building codes. Although private individuals may not need plans for a single residence to be drawn on computer, it is frequently required for larger commercial and governmental jobs. It also is easier to make changes to drawings created on computer and send them electronically, if needed.

If you have a set of plans that you’ve purchased from a magazine or other source, Drafting Solutions LLC can make modifications to meet your needs and satisfy local building codes in order to get a building permit. Drafting Solutions LLC also can provide references to professional licensed and insured independent general contractors that will allow you to obtain competitive construction quotes for your project. Don’t fit your lifestyle around the house you inherited from the last owner — turn it into a home of your own.


Drafting Solutions LLC has more than 10 years of residential design experience assisting local homeowners with their home building projects. If you are in need of design and drafting assistance or just need help with building permit issues, call the company at 352-2548 for a free consultation.

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