By Jackie Perreira

For decades, the lifeblood of any business has been its relationship with its customers, and at Hua Xia Construction, it’s no different. Since 2006, Hua Xia has embodied integrity, quality and safety. So much so that one of the biggest ways it continues to receive business is through raving customer referrals, particularly for its owner, Andy Cao.


“I read about Andy Cao in Hawaii Renovation over the years. I’ve seen his description and testimonies of people who talked about the quality of work and how he takes pride in his work, how he goes above and beyond, and that clients were really satisfied,” said Barbara Volhein, who is currently renovating her kitchen and bathroom with Hua Xia Construction.

When speaking with Cao about his work ethic, it’s easy to see why he and his company are so revered. “Any job, no matter what it is, big or small, we treat the customers like family and we treat their house like it’s our house,” said Cao, who will even find subcontractors for his clients for services like plumbing so they don’t have to go through the hassle of finding it on their own.

Volhein, who is renovating the bathroom for her daughter, reached out to Hua Xia Construction after she realized that other renovation companies lacked creative suggestions and the hands-on attitude she was looking for. At Hua Xia Construction, the company took her needs into consideration and brought ideas to the table.


“In the bathroom, we had old tile with grout around it and we weren’t sure what we could do with that. What (Cao) suggested is that we go with quartz because we wanted an easy-to-clean simple, no grout floor,” said Volhein. “He explained what the quartz does: it’s solid, it wears, well, everything and so we went with that. And then he also suggested the floor have these pebbles with a grout; he said it actually feels good on the feet.”

It’s this level of thoughtfulness that keeps word-of-mouth referrals strong for Hua Xia Construction. In fact, that’s how the company found its next job.

Volhein explained: “My neighbor and best friend wanted to do their roof so I recommended my friend to call (Cao) and ask him for an estimate. Now he’s going to do their roof.”


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