QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Can feng shui be applied to cars? I am looking to purchase a new car. Do you have any advice on what color car would be best?

When it comes to cars, feng shui principles definitely apply. As well, according to color and environmental psychologists, the car color we choose can act as a psychological shortcut that expresses how we want the world to think about us and how others perceive us.

Black: In feng shui, black represents the element of water, and also connotes elegance and mystery. Color psychology implies that those who drive black cars like to appear sophisticated, private, important, classic and in control.

White: In feng shui, white is a symbol of honesty, purity, perfection, hope, intelligence, expansiveness, openness and cleanliness. Color psychology suggests that by driving a white vehicle, you prefer to present a fresh and modern face to the world.


Silver: In feng shui, silver represents the element of metal — organized, efficient, strong and secure. Color psychology says silver indicates that you are attuned to up-scale and innovative things. By choosing a silver car, you may think of yourself as stylish and living in tune with current times.

Red: In feng shui, red represents the fire element, symbolizing passion, power, love, romance, abundance and manifestation. Color psychology suggests that choosing a red car means you like stimulation, excitement, power and expansion. Environmental psychologists say that “go-getter” types like red cars because they project action, confidence and toughness.

Blue: In feng shui, blue represents clarity, inspiration, renewal, wisdom and nobility.

Studies in color psychology show that, to most people, blue is calming, healing, soothing and relaxing, and symbolizes dependability, security and trustworthiness.

Green: In feng shui, green represents the wood element, bringing the energy of growth, expansion, strength, vitality, flexibility and generosity to your car. The psychological effect of green is similar in that it represents calmness, abundance and nature. If you choose a green car, it can be symbolic of a new beginning.

What does your car color represent to you? Although feng shui and color psychology present two rationales about the color of your car, the most important thing is what it means to you, and how you feel when you are driving it.

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