By Wes Nomura

As summer approaches, minimizing the heat transfer into your home should be taken into consideration when re-roofing. There are different roofing materials and products that can help lower the temperature in your home. This may help decrease your electric bill by reducing the running time and load on your A/C usage.


For lower pitched (flatter) roofs, silicone coating is a popular product. We only use the commercial version of the Gaco Silicone (not the DIY “blue bucket”), to ensure you the highest quality results for your new roof. This system also eliminates the need for maintenance coating in the future. As a certified applicator, United Roofing & Rain Gutters will strictly follow all application procedures, including roof preparation and cleaning, applying the correct amount of coating material and embedding mesh into the roof ‘s perimeter, penetration pipes, vents and skylights.

For composition (asphalt) shingle roofs, there are various heat reducing options. Among the most popular are Energy Star-rated (heat reflective) shingles, ridge venting, venting skylights and solar attic fans. There are also interior options such as whole house fans, spray and roll out insulation and R-foil.

The staff at United Roofing believes in selecting the correct application based on your goals, plans and budget. We are currently running a promotion for two solar attic fans for any complete re-roofing project. This will reduce the temperature in your attic space and reduce the heat transfer into your home.


We also can install seamless aluminum (or copper) gutters for your home to help keep rainwater runoff away from your home’s foundation.

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Wes Nomura is the estimator for United Roofing & Rain Gutters.

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