During the summer heat is when people complain about very uncomfortable weather. Most want to buy anything that brings relief and comfort. Thermal comfort is more than just temperature control. It is control of temperature, humidity, air cleanliness and air movement.

High-relative humidity makes people feel sticky, even with cooler temperatures. With low humidity, you can actually withstand warmer temperatures and still feel comfortable. In Las Vegas, relative humidity is as low as 10 percent and you can be comfortable with 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Low humidity allows the body to dispense more heat by perspiration even though you’re still dry. Humid conditions are just the opposite.

Air cleanliness is important, and Carrier Hawaii understands that. It requires good filtration, regular maintenance and a consistently clean home.


Air movement is very essential, which is why ceiling fans are so popular. Just air movement over the body can be comfortable, often-times without air conditioning. Twenty to 50 feet per minute of air movement is ideal — any less and it feels stuffy; any more and it’s too drafty.

The Carrier Ductless Split Performance Series has the ability to remove humidity during humid conditions, in addition to maintaining temperature. It dehumidifies by slowing down the fan to allow the cooling coil to remove more moisture than normal from the air, and reduces humidity without stopping at a set-humidity level.

The Carrier Infinity Ducted System with zoning is the best in residential air conditioning. It precisely controls both temperature and humidity in any room and also comes with Wi-Fi capabilities. Its electronic air filter is the most efficient in the industry with a MERV 15. Plus, you can turn each zone on and off to save even more energy.

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