HR-052216-Windows-Hawaii-2Since its inception in 2007, Windows Hawaii has been recognized as the fastest-growing window company in the islands. Windows Hawaii is an exclusive distributor of Alii Extreme windows and doors by Anlin Windows Systems, a quality windows manufacturer. The Alii Extreme window is specifically made to meet Hawaiian weather demands, and general manager Mario Garcia stated that it’s the leading window on the market.

“Competitors usually feature all-climate window packages, but Anlin windows are engineered for Hawaiian homes,” he said. “Even though the Alii Extreme is an Anlin window, it’s made specifically for here. If customers get an Alii Extreme from us, there’s a lifetime warranty on that window.”

Garcia explained that all Anlin windows are made using cutting-edge technology and high-quality materials, specifically noting the use of INFINIT e PLUS.

“INFINIT e is a coating on the inside and the PLUS is the coating on the outside,” he said. “INFINIT e PLUS is a coating the glass has, and nobody else in the island carries that — it’s exclusive to Anlin. If customers don’t get INFINIT e PLUS, they’re not getting the protection they deserve. INFINIT e PLUS, the solar reflective coating on the vinyl and the vinyl’s master blend are three of the main reasons why our windows are of the highest quality.”


Because Anlin is a regional brand, Garcia said the company better understands the Hawaii climate, resulting in products that are specifically designed for island residents.

“When you compare a regional product to a national one, the regional one will benefit you more — they’re in tune to what happens in our market,” he said. “We carr many other brands and give customer options, but Anlin stands above the rest because of their products and the company’s reputation. It’s details like the INFINIT e that make these windows a winner.”

Garcia mentioned that customers often sacrifice quality for price.

“There are companies that offer deals like double lifetime warranties to entice the customer to settle for lower-quality products,” Garcia said. “At Windows Hawaii, we don’t need promotions like that because we only offer the best quality to our clients. We only carry products that are made with the highest-quality materials and we use our own crews to install the products we sell. That, coupled with unparalleled customer service, makes us the top choice for windows replacement.”

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