Summer time is here and so is the best time to do home repairs. Even though

Hawaii’s climate changes are mild, there are still better times than others to do home repairs. When it’s raining, for example, that might make you ask yourself the following questions:

• Do I really want to paint when it’s raining?

• Is it really a good time to install a new roof when it’s raining?

• Do I want to change all the windows at home when it’s raining?


• Do I want to do wall repairs in the rain?


In Hawaii you normally can get away with home repairs mostly year-round. But the best time is still summer. It is the best time to repair rotten walls, change windows, paint your home or change your roof. If these products are installed during the summer it normally takes less time and the job will last longer because everything can seal quicker and tighter, and the job just runs smoother.

The most difficult thing is to find a good contractor, and not just any contractor — a good contractor. How does the average homeowner even know the difference or where to look? Here’s how:


• A good contractor is not always in a rush to make a fast deal.

• A good contractor has been in the business for a long time (usually more than 15 years in Hawaii).

• A good contractor does not have to offer promotions such as free trips to Vegas or $5,000 discounts, 45 percent off services or any other ridiculous offers to try to sell you a quick job.


• A good contractor is normally not represented by salesmen. The contractor is available and willing to give you expert opinions.

By now, most homeowners are asking, “Where do I find this guy?” Well, in Hawaii the local contractor is normally the good contractor and he specializes in something like windows, roofing, siding, painting or repairs. And the best company that can do all of the above is Tropical Windows & Siding Inc. This company is local and has been in business for more than 30 years in Hawaii. In fact the company’s motto is “Buy Local.”

Tropical specializes in the following jobs:

1) Window replacement.

Tropical is the oldest and first company in Hawaii to manufacture and install vinyl windows and doors in Hawaii.

2) Vinyl Siding. Remember “Vinyl is Final?” That’s Tropical Windows & Siding Inc. The company has been installing vinyl siding for more 50 years in Hawaii.

3) Roofing. Tropical has thousands of roofing installations. All here in Hawaii and most importantly, they don’t leak.

4) Bathroom renovations.

Tropical converts baths to showers in a few days and Tropical also installs walk-in tubs, which are great for senior safety.

If interested, visit the showroom at 1352 S. Beretania St. and allow Tropical to show you what a difference a good contractor can make. The owner Matt and Mike are always willing to help. Call 593-2000 or go to, and remember to “Buy local.”

contact // 263-1252 (Windward) • 456-4892 (Leeward)
593-2000 & 396-0971 (Honolulu)
address // 1352 S. Beretania St. (showroom)
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