Homeowners Design Center is known for being one of the best home renovations, remodeling and new construction resources in Hawaii. Whether you are a builder or remodeling contractor looking to accommodate clients and their specific needs, or you are an individual looking to modify an existing home or even build a new home to meet your family’s requirements for the long term, the trusted professionals at Homeowners Design Center are here to support you every step of the way. Family owned and operated for more than 47 years, Homeowners Design Center has been assisting local families and business entrepreneurs in renovations and interior design projects since 1969.

When you come to Homeowners Design Center, you can expect a design and logistics specialist in every department, ready to answer any questions you may have, even while providing free estimates for all services. Homeowners Design Center takes pride in being able to have professional designers and consultants on-site who are ready to sit down and walk you through every step of your renovation project.


In fact, the designers and logistic specialists are able to provide you with a solution that fits all your home renovation needs. The experienced kitchen and bath designers along with flooring and window coverings specialists are trained to create a solution that will fit all of your home needs, from lifestyle to specific dimensions, very small or very large areas, and even balancing your budget.


Homeowners Design Center genuinely believes in measuring the value of your investment for remodeling over the long term, ensuring that every client receives the most optimum value available. With more than 47 years of satisfied customers, the company’s longevity itself is a testimony to its tried-and-true quality and affordability.

The community asks for quality, design and budget friendly. Homeowners Design Center’s access to a variety of local and national products and vendors allows it to have the resources to recommend what will work best for your project. That means no more scouring the Internet for information or driving all around town researching what is available. At Homeowners Design Center, you will be provided with all the products and resources all in one convenient location.


With today’s society being very eco-friendly, the company features many cabinet lines that meets or exceeds the KCMA certification and CARB compliance standards, with a lifetime warranty and USA-made materials. With a number of cabinets to choose from, Homeowners Design Center strives to meet all of your design and budget needs. Whether are considering natural variations of granite, marble or maple butcher block, or the consistency of materials such as Cambria, LG, Silestone or Zodiaq, Homeowners Design Center can help you choose the perfect countertop to complement your kitchen or bath.

Are you looking for flooring? Homeowners Design Center has all of your flooring needs and more. Whether you are looking for warm and rustic, soft and elegant, or easy to maintain, all with the options of style, we have what you want. Wood is very classic, warm and natural. Carpet is soft and quiet. Ceramic and natural stones will last nearly forever. Laminates resists spills and stains along with mimicking the appearances of wood or ceramics at a lesser cost. Vinyl has options being in tiles or planks with being waterproof and also having the appearance of wood and ceramics.
Homeowners Design Center also carries many types of window covering to add to the ambiance of your home. Whether it is to block out the light so you can rest into the day or keep the room soft and elegant, many options are available to suit your personal style.

Don’t forget, the company offers free seminars every second Saturday of the month. Homeowners Design Center features a panel of experts in construction, finance, and design to shed light on building a new home or remodeling an existing one.

Take the annoyance and headache out of your home renovation, or boost your business’ style with selections from Homeowners Design Center. What are you waiting for? Arrange a personal consultation with a company professional today.


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