When it comes to kitchen cabinets and counter tops, Rui Construction Supply Inc. has you covered. While the company is well known for its vast array of cabinets and countertops, customers in the market for cabinets during the month of May are in for a treat — an extra discount.

“When customers come in, there’s always going to be a discount we give them,” said sales manager John Xie. “Every month, there’s a different discount percentage on cabinets, depending on the style, color and type of cabinet.”


“For all of May, we are doing a clearance sale on cabinets,” he stated. “Cabinets are on sale starting from $50 per linear foot, and this is a limited-time offer.”

Whether customers are looking for plain cabinets or items with more elaborate designs, Rui Construction provides options for everyone.

“Some people like or flat, plain cabinets, where they hardly have to clean it, but we also have other options for customers who like cabinets with more characteristics,” Xie said. “Usually, the most popular cabinet colors are maple, light cherry — which is like a honey maple color — and dark cherry, which is our redwood. Our cream-colored white cabinets are also really popular, and we have photos of them on our website so customers can check them out.”


According to Xie, about 50 percent of the store’s clientele come in knowing exactly what they’re looking for. But many customers often come to Rui Construction to browse the extensive product selection. The company is well known for its large showroom with a wide range of products, including cabinets, countertops, faucets, sinks, showers and more. But stellar customer service is a hallmark of Rui Construction.

“A lot of customers come to us for ideas,” Xie said. “But if we don’t approach these customers, we won’t find out what they want to do or what their ideas are.

They will be looking for ideas and have decisions to make. We will help them narrow down their choices to get what they want.”


“A lot of people want colors that match with their kitchens and vanities,” he continued. “It’s all about the color variation they have in their kitchen, bathroom and house. It’s all about the lighting and color, and we can always help them put everything together for a cohesive look.”

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