HR-050816-Island-Cooling-3Sandra Whitworth is the mother of a large family. She was excited to be retiring and moving to a townhome in Kaneohe, but the heat wave that happened last summer caught her by surprise.

“I dreaded coming home in the afternoon when the sun’s hot rays were filtering through the jalousie windows,” said Whitworth. “I found myself hanging out at the mall with the other seniors, just to beat the heat.”

Fortunately for Whitworth, her sons, Ivan and Al Whitworth, owners of Island Cooling LLC, came to the rescue by installing a QuietCool whole house fan system. “Since the boys installed it, I can now enjoy spending time doing activities with the granddaughters. I like to relax and enjoy the fresh cool air circulating through my home.”


“QuietCool is installed in the attic and draws the trapped hot air out of the home through a ceiling vent and is controlled by a timer on the wall,” explained Al Whitworth. Since it’s compatible with open windows and natural breezes, Mom gets to enjoy the healthy feeling of fresh air.”

Whitworth’s home has two fans, one in the master bedroom and one in the hallway. “Besides ventilating the heat,” said Ivan Whitworth. “QuietCool is energy efficient. This means that Mom gets to save on her electric bills.”
QuietCool’s appeal is not limited to just the Whitworth family. Laurie Brooks of Honolulu is an IT professional and mother of three.

“Our vaulted ceilings held heat upstairs and made sleeping unbearable,” Brooks said. “Ivan Whitworth helped us configure the right fans for each room and after the installation, demonstrated how to work them. What a difference. Island Cooling provides great customer service and even helped us apply for a rebate from Hawaii Energy. We recommend them highly.”

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