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You’re probably hearing a lot about PV home energy storage or PV battery storage these days. PV storage products suddenly are popping up everywhere. Some are nothing more than stand-alone, unmanaged batteries, while others won’t be available until some “un-promised” future date. The reason for the surge is that advanced home energy storage is here — “a renewable resource that can be added today to achieve near-term, state energy goals, while maintaining flexibility to achieve 100 percent renewables in the future,” said Hawaii Energy Connection managing partner Chris DeBone.

Hawaii Energy Connection, also known as the makers of the KumuKit™ PV system, introduces its home energy battery storage system called KumuKit™ Powerblocks. This innovative storage system connects to new or existing KumuKit™ PV systems, working together with your solar panels and household electrical devices to create a complete home energy management system. This system also can be connected to any existing PV system. Powerblocks enhances a PV system’s abilities and allows you to store your own PV energy. The modular design allows for easy upgrade and incremental expansion as well.

“This system is perfect because the system automatically stores any excess solar energy produced during the day and puts it back into the home for use when the island’s energy usage is at its highest, when people come home from work, cooking dinner, watching TV, taking showers, and so forth,” said DeBone.


Another feature of the Powerblocks is the emergency backup power feature which provides for critical loads such as lighting, medical equipment, refrigerator, microwave, fish tank, radio and phone chargers — items you would mostly likely need during a power outage.

System visibility is achieved through secure cloud-based tools with an intuitive Energy Dashboard interface that makes it easy to manage select home loads with detailed visibility and historical reporting capability. You can shift time-of-use costs to your best advantage, see where energy is being consumed, identify electricity hogs, set electricity reduction and savings goals and monitor your progress.

Take charge of the solar power you generate. Make your home a powerhouse with a KumuKit™PV system and Powerblocks. The best part of it all — it’s available now.

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