Long-lasting metal roofs are here

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May 8, 2016



Metal roofs can either be humble in appearance, like the large warehouses by the airport, or they can be elegant architectural gems, like what you see in Kahala or Manoa.

In either case, the good news is that metal roofs can be made to last the lifetime of your building if you keep them coated so they don’t rust. The first thing Leakmaster Roofing does when it walks a metal roof is see if there are any old dented panels that need to repaired or replaced. The company tears out the old panels and replaces them with new.

Then the company coats the roof with its NuPrime Metal Primer to stop any surface rust that remains after a strong water blast.

Next it installs its heavy-duty roof tape over all the panel laps. This is critical. You need to reinforce all the joints, both vertical and horizontal, to stop the water from coming in. If there are any solar units, A/C ducting, or skylights on the roof, Leakmaster Roofing makes sure that they are properly flashed so they don’t leak.



For the topcoat, you can either choose to go with a silicone coating, which is the longest lasting material, but a little more expensive — or you can recoat with NXT Cool Zone which has a 12-year material warranty and comes in many beautiful colors.

The company likes them both, and its customers split about 50/50 on this one. If customers are going with a white, tan or gray color they choose silicone because it comes with a long material warranty and will not chalk, or “sacrifice” over time.

However, customers also like the NXT Cool Coat from its Australian supplier, Nutech paints. It is a roofing super paint, because it uses special UltraViolet (UV) reflecting pigments that hold up Hawaii’s harsh sun and rain. These typically will last about 15 to 18 years before you need to coat them again. Even the most expensive and highest quality house paint is not suited for painting roofs, and will peel off in just a few years. Why? Because your side walls are shaded most of the day with your eaves and receives only about 25 percent of the UV that your roof receives all day.

If you want a complete new metal roof Leakmaster also can do that and will be happy to visit your home for a free consultation. You can visit its Kakaako showroom to compare all the roof materials up close.

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