HR-050116-Akamai-Pest-Solutions-1It is safe to assume no homeowner’s dream house includes those uninvited, intrusive, winged pests — termites. Termites often can go undiscovered until termite dust and wings are unhappily discovered around your home. Once found, the first reaction may be to call a fumigator, but no one enjoys the process of having to pack up your house, move your family and your pets, and clean up after fumigators come to tent your home. So why use fumigation when it is not the only option? Thankfully, this is where Akamai Pest Solutions comes in, providing a safe, natural solution that is guaranteed to bring relief and protect your home.

Akamai Pest Solutions started in 2003 as an inspection company, at first only offering termite inspection reports. Since then, the company quickly has grown into a premier termite solution provider for kamaaina and local businesses. Now, Akamai Pest Solutions offers treatment for subterranean ground treatments and drywood termites using the environmentally friendly and responsible method of XT2000 Orange Oil Plus for Oahu, Maui, Big Island, and most recently, Kauai.

“Akamai was never going to be a fumigation company and never will be,” said Oahu branch manager Ronda Galimba. “We wanted something that was safe, not just for our customers, but also for our employees. We were the first to introduce XT2000 Orange Oil Plus treatments to Hawaii and started doing treatments full time in 2005.”

All of the company’s technicians and inspector managers are XT2000 certified. At Akamai, the inspectors work as technicians for at least two years before they can be considered an inspector — which guarantees your home is taken care of by an experienced professional, and not just someone giving a sales pitch.


Akamai not only provides the safe and effective XT2000 Orange Oil Plus treatment, which is entirely made from orange peels, but it also offers a complimentary attic treatment with Timbor, making structures more termite-resistant. For subterranean termites, Akamai uses Termidor — the most effective and safest treatment available. The business also provides a renewable drywood termite warranty for individual homes and condos. For subterranean termite treatments, a five-year warranty is offered.

XT2000 Orange Oil Plus is injected into the wood and works like a wicking process — it defies gravity and will travel not only down the wood, but also up. As the oil travels through the wood, the fumes start to kill the termites before the actual oil reaches them. Unlike other termite treatments, it kills termite eggs. This means customers will see longer-lasting results.

“Akamai customers receive an extremely thorough inspection to start,” explained Galimba. “When the treatment itself takes place, the whole family and the pets can stay in the home. Team Akamai is the best team in the business.”

Contact Akamai Pest Solutions now and receive $300 off an XT2000 Orange Oil Plus drywood treatment. If you choose to have a subterranean treatment as well, the company will deduct an additional $200 off the total.

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