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April 17, 2016


Everyday, Kim and Patrick Gerhardt of Royal Kunia look forward to coming home after a long day of work and opening the windows to unwind and relax in the afternoon breeze. Unfortunately, their home was taking longer and longer to cool, and on days without tradewinds, the house was becoming uncomfortably hot.

Kim had heard about QuietCool whole house fans and in 2014 purchased a 3-speed Stealth4.8. Installed in the attic of the home, the intake is on the vaulted attic wall in her living room so it draws out the hottest air in the house, bringing in fresh air through windows and blowing trapped heat out of the attic vents.

QuietCool quickly became one of her favorite appliances. “I love it and use my system every day,” Gerhardt said. “If it’s a humid night, I’ll run it then as well.” But it was during last year’s heat wave that the system proved its worth. “It was a real lifesaver during the heat of last summer; it cooled off the house without having to spend any more on electricity. While others were complaining of higher bills we didn’t see that. I don’t know what we would have done without it.”


Brothers Ivan and Al Whitworth run Island Cooling LLC, Hawaii’s distributor of QuietCool systems. “Since whole house fans use natural air to cool the home and exhaust heat, they are compatible with open windows and natural breezes,” said Ivan.

“QuietCool fits our lifestyle, plus, it’s very energy efficient,” he continued. “Bedroom sized systems use as little as 55 watts per hour and savings include a $75 Hawaii Energy rebate.”

The Whitworths’ experience in hundreds of Hawaii homes is a benefit for homeowners. “Every home is unique,” said Al. “We take into account the home layout, lifestyle, as well as feedback from past customers when recommending an ideal system.”

Jay Toguchi of Kailua is another satisfied customer. “We had QuietCool installed in the bedrooms and living area. We love the ease and comfort that the fans provides us. It’s also great for our house dogs to help keep them cool.”

Toguchi went on to praise Island Cooling for its service as well. “Island Cooling has excellent service during installation and afterwards. Their response time in contacting us back about a repair and coming out that day is truly appreciated! We tell everyone about the fans.”

For more information visit islandcooling. com, or call 672-2300.


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