By Kelli Shiroma


Perhaps you are wondering if these kitchen-remodeling stories from Oriental Cabinet & Granite LLC are getting repetitive. Well, last time, the word “tchotchkes” was used. That certainly had to be the highlight of the story, don’t you think?

Today brings an opportunity to try something a little different, but equally a little unexpected. Since you all know about Oriental Cabinet and Granite’s beautifully affordable hardwood cabinets and impressive natural quartz, this feature is primarily dedicated to key chains.


“Key chains?” you ask. Yes, key chains.

You see, if there is one thing that has been observed over the years, it’s that customers never seem to have a measuring tape on hand — not that they’d be expected to, but they ask for measuring tapes often enough.

So, what Oriental has decided to do is to arm each and every human being that walks through that front door with a super nifty tri-function key chain, aptly named “the gadgetman.”

Oriental Cabinet and Granite offers a little green trinket that not only measures up to 39 inches, lights up whatever you’re trying to see in the dark and opens your pau hana beer, but it does it all with a smile on its face.


Oriental Cabinet and Granite is going to be blunt: the company has put its name, address and phone number right across the heart of the little key chain in the hopes that as you’re finding constant usefulness from your new free tchotchke (there it was again), perhaps its usefulness also might catch the eye of someone you happen to be around. Perhaps they will want one, too, and they will ask you where you got it.

See where this is going? The company gives you a free key chain. You enjoy how nifty that free key chain is, and Oriental Cabinet and Granite gains exposure in the process. Everybody wins.


Tax season is upon us, and if people are thinking about home renovations, now’s the time. Oriental Cabinet and Granite intends to flood this island with the level of niftiness the likes of which no Hawaii resident has seen before — and the company does so entirely unabashedly.

So, Oriental Cabinet and Granite invites you to stop in the following week to claim your green gadgetman, and while you’re at it, feel free to make yourself a coffee, take a look around the showroom and talk story with the friendly staff.



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