Now that we are upon tax season, those of us who are fortunate enough to have a return may want to go on a vacation, or pay for education and any unforeseen bills. For those who will be doing neither of the above, why not consider doing upgrades to your bath and kitchen? Doing so will not only give you a feeling of self-satisfaction, but it also will increase the value of your home or condo.

What better way to do this than to have an experienced contractor with years of experience? That contractor would be Frank Duarte, owner of D’s Plumbing. He also is a general contractor who can relate to you in regards to all of your questions and will walk with you through the different stages of whatever you might have in mind, according to your budget.

One of D’s specialties is tub-to-shower conversions. Here, the staff at D’s Plumbing would remove your existing tub, tub walls, tub drain and tub/shower valve. Then, the company would increase the size of your tub drain from 1.5 inches to 2 inches and install this new drain line approximately 8 to 10 inches out from your valve wall, replace your tub/shower valve with a new delta (single handle) valve, prepare your new sub walls before installing your choice of ceramic tiles or cultured marble as your finish product. Corian and granite also are available with endless colors to choose from. D’s Plumbing also will provide those who may be in need of safety grab bars, hand-held shower heads with an adjustable sliding bar and, depending upon your needs, either a curvature curtain rod or a sliding glass enclosure can be installed to your specification. Also, new bath flooring, lighting and a vanities with a matching countertop and painting are available upon request.



Another possibility would be to replace your existing kitchen cabinets with complete new cabinets composed of all wood (no partical board). Your new countertops could be of granite or corian with upgraded plumbing fixtures. Flooring and painting also could be worked in as a package.

Lastly, D’s Plumbing specialty is replacing old galvanize piping with copper piping. The company’s expertise is second to none. Although exposed piping to some degree or another is more than likely to occur, Duarte will provide you with detail on how the work will be performed step by step and in some cases how some of the exposed piping can be concealed. Don’t wait till your water turns brown or until you have hardly any water flowing from your faucets.

For more details on any or all of the above, call Duarte at 384-4277 or visit the company website at


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