Replacing old-fashioned stall showers and bathtubs with walk-in and roll-in showers has become a standard upgrade in Tropical Plumbing & Bath bathroom remodeling projects. Company president Charlie Beeck attributes the preference for walk-in showers to both the aging of the population and the increasing number of households being adapted for multigenerational living.

“Multigenerational living is traditional in Hawaii, with two and sometimes three generations of the same family sharing a household. But today, (it’s) even more so with the escalating costs of housing and general living expenses,” Beeck said. “As a result, remodeling is often needed to make the home suitable for older family members. The renovations can range from simply adjusting the heights of cabinets to totally reconfi guring and upgrading bathrooms to make them accessible and convenient. In some cases, safety is a factor, so barriers that create hazards need to be avoided. We have designed a number of bathrooms to accommodate wheelchairs by widening entrances and enlarging the shower space. Walk-in bathtubs may also be included in the bathroom design package in multigenerational homes.”


Beeck pointed out that Tropical Plumbing pioneered walk-in bathtub sales and installation in Honolulu more than 10 years ago, and the demand for these fixtures has continued to increase.

“Improvements are ongoing with the top manufacturers we work with, all of whom are U. S. companies,” said Beeck, who has been named “Remodeler of the Year” by the Building Industry Association. “The variety of accessories now available for both walk-in showers and walk-in tubs continues to grow. When we meet with homeowners to discuss their needs, we are able to recommend the types of fixtures to be installed, such as hand-held showers, overhead rain showers, massage fixtures, grab bars, seating and more. Every component of the bathroom can be customized.

“The baby-boomer generation is now looking to the future when greater accessibility could become a factor. So when homeowners in this age group decide to remodel, they often choose to install a new bathroom in a convenient ground floor location. Some of the new bathrooms we’ve designed and installed are not only practical, but luxurious, literally a private oasis in the home.”


A licensed general contractor, Tropical not only designs and remodels bathrooms, but provides a full range of bathroom fixtures and accessories to suit every budget and handle the installation, including all required plumbing.

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