Here’s the truth about feng shui

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QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Is it really bad luck to sleep with your feet pointed to the door? What is the “truth” about this? Is feng shui a belief?

When people find out that I know feng shui, they basically respond in one of the two following ways: “Oh my god! I totally believe in feng shui. I have a mirror by my door, a fountain in my wealth corner … .” Or, “Oh, you’re into that touchy-feely stuff. Yeah, my friend is into all that.” In both instances, I just go with the flow of the conversation. Today, however, I’d like to address this question in more detail.


Feng shui is not a belief

In my understanding and practice, feng shui is not a belief, a religion, a superstition or otherwise. It is simply a way to manage the energy in an environment so that it better serves and supports the people living and working there.

Is there truth to what is said?

Is it true that a wind chime will chase away evil spirits, that sleeping with your head pointed to the door will send you to your grave early or that a mirror in the wrong place invites evil? These beliefs may have originated from a basic feng shui concept with a solid reason behind it, but not every interpretation is true feng shui wisdom.

Energy is everywhere

Feng shui is about living harmoniously by paying attention to the principles of nature and the energy in the environment. It doesn’t take a scientist to understand that energy is everywhere. It’s a life force in nature, in all animate beings and inanimate objects. Do you remember learning in science class that when you break everything down to its smallest components, you will find molecules in motion? This means that everything in our world is energy, and just because you can’t see the energy, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

Is it bad luck to sleep with your feet pointed at the door?

Due to Asian culture and influence, in Hawaii it is a common belief that sleeping with your feet toward the door is bad luck. However, this belief is a misinterpretation of the feng shui rule that you should not sleep in line with the door. Sleeping in the direct pathway of the door is unfavorable because the flow of energy into the room is strongest at the entrance and can measurably disrupt your sleep.

Optimally, you should place your bed far from the doorway, or out of line with the door, but still face it so that when you are lying down you can see anyone or anything entering, without turning your head. The placement of the bed is all about protection. You want to have an expansive view of the room at all times.

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