Concrete Surface Designs specializes in beautifying and adding greater functionality to your concrete flooring. Interior floors, whether new or old, coated or covered, and even those ugly exterior concrete surfaces can get an extreme makeover.

Due to its increase in popularity, concrete resurfacing is leaving many people curious to learn more about it. Concrete Surface Designs offers concrete polishing, concrete overlays, concrete stains and epoxy coatings to transform


existing concrete surfaces. Here’s a look at the questions most commonly asked of the staff, along with their answers:

Is polished concrete slippery?

No. The shiny finish is achieved through a process of mechanically grinding the surface with progressively finer grits. The floor is smoothed and thus reflects light, but in fact, polished concrete floors meet or exceed OSHA standards for slip resistance.

Does polished need to be resealed?

No. Polished concrete is finished with a penetrating floor guard. There is no coating on the surface that will wear with time and traffic.

Where is polished concrete used?


It is a great finish for your home’s interiors and garage. It provides great durability, reflectivity (meaning better lighting and reduced energy consumption), and a stunning shine that’s a breeze to maintain. Concrete stains and dyes can be added to further enhance the natural beauty of the concrete.


What is an overlay?

It is a thin layer of a specially formulated concrete that is poured and troweled onto your existing slab. It can be applied on interiors and exteriors, with or without a pattern, in a smooth or textured finish. Patterns are created by hand, the most popular designs being flagstone (random stone) or tile. Custom coloring is applied to suit your taste, and then the overlay is sealed to protect the finish and provide easy maintenance.

What other choices do you have?

The company offers concrete staining to add semi-transparent color and a protective finish to interior and exterior surfaces. Urethane coatings are great for garages and exteriors and are custom-tinted in opaque colors.


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