A Kaimuki family recently said, “We always wanted to live in our dream house. Thanks to Kai Ridge Hawaii Construction, (who) made our dream into reality. Building a house is not an easy job, from searching for a trustworthy contractor, fi nancing and constructing to fi nishing it; the process is challenging and fulfi lling. If we (didn’t) have the support from Kai Ridge Hawaii Construction, we (wouldn’t have been) able to build such a great house.”

Today, Kai Ridge Hawaii Construction Co. would like to share this Kaimuki family’s story with you.


When the company’s project manager first met with the family for an estimate, the family didn’t know what to do. The staff walked through the details with them, from planning, designing, budgeting, and scheduling the construction progress to the final results. They consulted with the staff numerous times, and changed their mind constantly, like any homeowner might. Kai Ridge Hawaii Construction helped them patiently and designed the details for them.

One day, the husband decided to do a “turn-key” project rather than be a homeowner-contractor. The poor project management, time-consuming and lack of experience eventually changed their mind. “We trust the professional contractor, since the company is held responsible for exceeding the budget, and also, it is guaranteed to be completed on time,” said the family.

As a professional contractor, Kai Ridge Hawaii Construction agreed with the client’s decision. A “turn-key” project means that the company owns the project until it is complete, and that it is their responsibility to finish the job in a timely and efficient manner. Based on experience, the client normally lacks quality control over design decisions, and this may mean that the project is not perfectly suited to his/her needs when completed. The company had the experts and experience to encourage the family to make construction decisions based on the long-term quality needs and life-cycle interest of the project.


The staff at Kai Ridge Hawaii Construction knows that being able to finish a project on time is extremely important. The process can take more time than expected, however, the company can minimize the risks based on experience. The staff encourages and educates its clients regarding the new requirement to meet the sustainability criteria in construction projects. It utilizes LEED program in design processes, from material selection to construction, in order to achieve energy savings, water efficiency, CO2 emission reduction and improved indoor environmental quality.

Kai Ridge Hawaii Construction provides professional engineers/project managers on board throughout the construction and guarantees excellent turn-key construction services.

Kai Ridge Hawaii Construction is fully licensed, bonded and insured. The company developed its creditability as a trustworthy and reliable builder. The staff strongly believes that each and every project deserves the same attention to detail and quality, regardless if it is an addition or a new one or two-million dollar turn-key home. You deserve the best and it is the company’s responsibility to let you own a dream house. Kai Ridge Hawaii Construction’s portfolio includes the luxury renovation in Waialae Iki residential area, contemporary renovation to rental residential complex in the hear of Kapiolani, commercial renovation in Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center, and new build in various locations on Oahu.


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