HR-022816-Alice-1QUESTION OF THE WEEK: My husband and I have been having more arguments than usual, and it all started when we moved into our new apartment. Are there things feng shui-wise we may be doing that could be causing this recent discord?

Possibly, although even the best relationships go through an adjustment period when moving into a new space. However, let’s look out for any energetic stressors. These checkpoints below apply not only to romantic partners, but also to anyone with whom you might live.

Look at the home’s heart area

If you were to divide your home into nine equal areas (like a tic-tac-toe grid), the center square would be your home’s heart or most influential area. If this area is cluttered, clear it out. The “negative” energy of clutter in the center area easily seeps into other areas, affecting everyone living there.

If the center area of your home is your kitchen (fire), you can tone down the tendency toward heated arguments and disagreements by avoiding fire colors, like red, and instead calming the energy with cooling colors, like blues, or grounding earth tones.
A home whose heart area is the bathroom will drain health and relationship energy. To avoid this, use plants or plant motifs to balance the energy.


Another way to mitigate this is to use earth colors in your d├ęcor.

Use shower curtains, towels, and bath rug colors in shades of yellow, gold, Khaki or brown to help “hold” the energy in.

Look at privacy or lack thereof

Make certain that everyone has his or her own “space.” If one person lacks private space, it will show up as either a silent buildup of internal resentment, or complaints and expressions of unfairness.


Sometimes what looks like selfishness is really about a lack of private space.

In smaller homes or apartments, it may be difficult to do, especially here in Hawaii. However, with some creativity, using screens or curtains, you may be able to fashion something that works.

Bedroom feng shui

It’s favorable to have a bedroom that looks serene. A messy bedroom can stimulate messy conversation and lead to more arguments. Clothes strewn about can give off an “I don’t care” energy, which is not supportive of a harmonious relationship dynamic. Things kept in boxes around the bedroom can represent pent-up emotions.


However, beyond any feng shui influences, in addition to setting up your environment well, it’s important to remember to listen to and be present with your partner or those with whom you live. Have respect for each other and be thankful for what they do bring into your life. At times we tend to focus on all the things that are not going right. Make it a point to change your focus and this will help to change the energy.

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