HR-032716-Alice-2QUESTION OF THE WEEK: I know you have written about pet feng shui before, but that was before I got my dog! I’m so excited to have him, and I want to make sure I have good feng shui for him. Can you give me some tips?

Yes! I am happy to share about pet feng shui again, as all living beings in a space are affected by the energies in the environment. Domestic animals (cats included!) protect you 24/7 on an energetic level. If your space has excessive energetic challenges, your pet’s health will suffer before yours, so it’s a great idea to support your new dog with some good feng shui vibes! Everything I say about dogs can apply to cats as well!

First of all, pets of all types know energy. Besides being at your side, you will notice, if you haven’t already, that your pet will have a few favorite spots in the house. Pets are living barometers of energy, and they always are drawn to the places with the best energy. Unlike humans — who will pretty much set themselves down anywhere — animals will feel out the energy first, circle and sniff before settling in their spot.

Some areas of the home are inundated by electromagnetic fields generated by TVs, stereos and computers. These electromagnetic fields create what commonly is known as geopathic stress in the environment. Cats often are drawn to these areas to harmonize the electromagnetic field. Not having this capability, dogs more often avoid such areas.


The following will maximize the feng shui for both you and your beloved new dog:

• Give your pet his or her own “home.” Your pet needs a bed, mat, rug or other space to call its own.

Your attentiveness to these considerations at home creates energy that enhances your ability to be recognized for your own unique skills and talents outside the home.

• Keep your pet clean.

The condition of our pets often reflect the state of affairs in other areas of our lives. So, if you are unrecognized in the workplace, check to see if your dog or cat’s coat is matted or dirty. A murky fish tank could reflect your muddled finances and a subconscious block to financial clarity.

• Monitor where your pet sleeps.

If you choose to let your pet sleep on the bed, know that it can put a damper on intimacy and energetically drive potential romance away.

• Pare down the number of pet toys you have.


Too many pet toys create unnecessary clutter and work, engendering the energy of being out of control, making it easier for people to take advantage of you. For greater control, place extra pet toys in a dedicated basket when not in use.

• Put leashes in a cabinet, closet or basket.

Leashes out in the open symbolize restrictions and lack of autonomy in your life.

Remember, pets of all types bring positive energy, and happy pets generate happy energy throughout the home. Make sure your pet is happy, and your feng shui most definitely will improve!

Alice Inoue is the founder and Chief Happiness Officer at Happiness U. Send questions to