HR-032716-Murakami-1As the spring season shifts into gear, the skilled professionals at Murakami Roofing LLC encourage homeowners to start planning now for vital roofing projects.

Murakami Roofing has assisted Hawaii’s homeowners for nearly 40 years as Clinton Murakami now heads the family business after learning the ropes under the tutelage of his father, Clifford. The company also is lauded by local residents for its commitment to integrity and stellar service, and Murakami noted that it’s important to properly identify customers’ needs at the onset of every project.

Murakami also said that the ideal time frame to re-roof or repair an existing roof spans from May through September to avoid heavy rains, although the El NiƱo weather pattern resulted in an unusually dry winter season. Homeowners should evaluate their budget to determine if a full re-roofing project is feasible, or if smaller jobs such as partial repairs or preparations for additions, including a photovoltaic energy system or solar water heating panels, are possible.


Murakami Roofing can complete most projects in a day, as the local business has close relationships with multiple suppliers and can handle both the delivery of materials and removal of any resulting waste. Regardless if one decides to upgrade their roof right away or in the near future, Murakami suggests having the roof professionally inspected at least once every other year, or when a homeowner hears something land on the roof or observes shingles strewn in the yard. Old utilities that have been mounted to the roof also can lead to corrosion due to years of exposure to Hawaii’s heavy sea air.

“We work hard to provide excellent customer service, and it’s our service that sets us apart from the competitors,” said Murakami, who hopes to pass on the business to his son in the coming years and make it a third-generation company. “We all sell the same roofing products, but it comes down to customer service. I have a lot of customers who used to be my dad’s, and some day, they will be my son’s customers, too.”

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